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Traditional British Fare From Smiling Faces

Quarantine put a kink in a lot of things, including customer service. That’s why co-owners Andrina and Craig Williams decided to get into the restaurant business.

“Going out to eat is supposed to be a special occasion, and you should feel welcomed and taken care of. We wanted to bring that back,” said Williams.

And what better cuisine to serve than the one they grew up eating.

“In Scotland, fish and chips is usually a weekly dining occurrence. We decided that we wanted to bring the most authentic version of the dish to the USA.”

That is exactly what they did. Fish and Chips Houston officially invited customers to its tables February 2023 and quickly made a name for itself among ex-pats and foodies alike.


Authentic flavor and full-time freshness

Can’t quite put your finger on why THIS fried fish tastes THAT much better? It might be the malt vinegar sourced all the way from United Kingdom or the wild caught fish purposely imported from Iceland. See, you may be happily chomping away in Texas, but the magic on your plate is created by the pickiest chef using the best international ingredients.

“We went to great lengths to make sure that our Cod and Haddock are from MSC-certified sustainable fishing grounds. Iceland is leading the way with their sustainable fisheries, and that is the fisheries we use.”

There’s another hardworking reason you’ll taste a delicious difference when eating at this new restaurant in Kemah. Ninety-nine percent of the dishes are completely made from scratch. Every. Single. Day. From the hand-cut potatoes to the must-order sticky toffee pudding, which is quickly becoming a customer favorite, the food is all fresh, all the time.

Is it a pub, or it a restaurant? Actually, it’s both.

In order to take the authenticity to the highest level, this top seafood restaurant includes a full-service bar and is considered a British pub. Scratch all images of a dark and smoky atmosphere from your mind. The ambiance matches the vibrancy of Kemah and its boardwalk.

“We wanted to be family friendly, light and airy, and a place everyone would feel comfortable sitting down and eating. Using some of the décor from the previous owner, we think we have found the perfect balance.”

What drives Fish and Chips Houston?

“People. We love people. The feeling we get when we talk to a happy customer is just priceless,” says Williams. “And it’s not just the customers. We have built a team around us that we are super proud of. We are so lucky to have them and do our best to treat them right.”

The love for people and hospitality runs deep in the Williams family. The restaurant’s general manager is the owner’s nephew; the bar manager is their daughter, and you can find their other two children occasionally picking up shifts, too.

Fancy trying it yourself? Brilliant.

609 Bradford Ave #109
Kemah, TX 77565