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Open Doors. Happy Hearts.

Construction of HWY 146 into Kemah is complete, and the city is reclaiming its status as a Texas must-visit destination. From a nature-filled staycation to a savory dinner by the bay, you can get away without ever going too far.  

Tantalize your taste buds

Kemah’s dining scene is a foodie’s dream come true. With kick-back-and-relax casual eateries dated back to the 70s and new creative spots with a James Beard nod, there’s something for every palate. You can dive into the local seafood or bite into nationally acclaimed burgers. Either way, you’ll be overwhelmed with deliciousness while surrounded by waterfront charm.

kemah food

Nature beckons 

Kemah is a nature lover’s paradise. Hiking, bird watching and fishingbeing by the water is all about embracing the great outdoors. And, of course, that includes boating. You can sail solo, join a yacht tour with your family or simply escape the hustle of city life for the tranquility of sunrise at the marina. 

kemah nature lovers

Boardwalk and beyond 

The Kemah Boardwalk is where excitement takes center stage. Make friends with live stingrays, ride the waves on a high-speed boat or zip line 100 feet above the ground. It’s an explosion of entertainment for all ages and interests. And with year-round events, live concerts and festivals, the good times keep rolling.  

kemah boating

Kemah’s charm extends beyond the famous Boardwalk. Venture into the heart of the city to stay at top-notch hotels or opt for a quaint bed and breakfast. A stroll through the city’s vibrant streets takes you through an array of shops that cater to every taste and style. 

Kemah invites you to have some fun and take lifelong memories home with you.