Explore Kemah beyond the waterfront, and trust us, you won’t be disappointed. World-class hotels and hospitality. Shops for every taste and style. Gourmet restaurants and beloved casual eateries. The list goes on. Discover your own perfect visit right here.


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Whether you’re seeking a four-star hotel, a cozy inn, a bayside rental or a relaxing bed and breakfast—you’ll find a spot that’s just right.

Find places to Stay in Kemah

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There’s something to satisfy every palate here: Fine dining. Al fresco eats. Seafood plucked right from the water, and much more.

Dining in Kemah

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One of the best parts about travel? Bringing something home to remember your trip by–from handmade crafts to styles inspired by the sea.

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The seaside is calling. Hiking trails, bird watching and fishing excursions are just a few ways to soak up all the natural beauty that Kemah has to offer.

Explore Nature

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Entertain all your senses on the Kemah Boardwalk, take in a vineyard tour, pet a live stingray, or even strap in for a high-speed boat ride!

Find Adventure in Kemah

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It’s time to hit the water! Set sail on your own, take a yacht tour with your group, or simply marvel from the marina at the amazing sunset views.

Boating in Kemah