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Everybody has dreams, but only some of us put in the work to make our dreams come true. Sisters Melissa Kirk and Angela Frierson did just that. They walked the walk, realizing their passion for people and business at a young age. 

“We enjoy serving and meeting people, and we always knew that one day we would open a boutique,” said Kirk. It wasn’t long before their goals manifested. 

On November 11, 2011, White Rock Country made its debut encouraging Houstonians to express themselves with both style and spirit. The boutique, whose name is a nod to the sisters’ childhood summers spent at White Rock Marina, offers fashionable apparel, bold accessories and statement-making home items, like leather fringe tops and fanciful mittens that suggest: Roll me in fairy dust, and call me a unicorn. 

In 2023, the dynamic duo decided to move White Rock Country to a more familiar environment—near the water in Kemah, Texas.  

“This is where we live, so it only makes sense to relocate to a beautiful place that we call home.”  

The Kemah boutique and gift shop has now been blessing the lives of locals and tourists alike for seven months.


Bound by blood, business and bling

You can’t choose your family, but you can choose your business partners. Melissa and Angela are indeed sisters, but they’re also BFFs looking to add more besties to their taco-loving, rhinestone-flashing crew.  

“We have a motto: come as a customer and leave as a friend,” explains Kirk.  

This approach creates a personalized shopping experience for everyone who steps foot into the Kemah store’s country soul, including proud Mamas who love a fun graphic tee or glitzy cap. And if you’re counting down the minutes left until Happy Hour, light up a Margarita-scented candle for a guilty-free, midday pick-me-up. Yep. These candles can also be found among the rustic yet sophisticated treasure trove of goodies at White Rock Country.

What drives White Rock Country?

It’s their Labor of Love. Literally, but also philanthropically. Melissa and Angela’s shopping haven also acts as a lifeline for animals in distress. 

“Most important to our hearts is to give back. We have given truckloads of food through the years to different organizations that have helped feed animals like horses and donkeys.” 

The animal-loving partners officially opened a nonprofit organization named Labor of Love to be a voice for those without one: abandoned and abused animals.  

“It’s our pleasure to be able to own a boutique in Kemah, and we are looking forward to many years of service and new friendships.” 

 You oughta’ check ‘em out: 


609 Bradford Ave #106
Kemah, TX 77565
(281) 960-2325