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Meet the restaurant bringing world-class Vietnamese fare to Kemah

Kemah finally has its own pho shop, bringing steamy, noodly goodness to residents and visitors since February 2022. Even though it’s a recent addition to the city, Pho Boardwalk’s team represents over 40 years of restaurant experience with Linh Nguyen, Si Phan and John Nguyen at the helm. Together, they’re excited to bring fresh Vietnamese cuisine to Kemah.

“I grew up in San Leon right off of 9th Street, so I know the scarcity of diverse, quality foods in the area,” said Linh Nguyen. “We are trying to make a difference, one dish at a time.”

Showing some delicious Vietnamese Pho, served at Pho Boardwalk.

Wait. What is pho?

If you’ve never tried it, pho is a Vietnamese soup that combines a flavorful bone broth, rice noodles, aromatic spices and a hearty protein. Whether you prefer to scoop, twirl, sip or slurp it—Pho Boardwalk has a bowl you’ll want to dive right into.

“If you’re not feeling well, had a late night or you’re just simply hungry for some good food—it will hit the spot,” said Linh.

Of course, Pho Boardwalk isn’t just about the pho. Their menu includes other Vietnamese staples like vermicelli bowls with fresh proteins, crisp veggies and bright sauces; banh mi—or Vietnamese sandwiches—on toasty baguettes filled with proteins, carrots, cucumber, cilantro and jalapeño; delicious fried rice dishes and more.

The team knows restaurants inside and out

While the food is always the focus, the team members bring their unique perspectives to the table to inspire Pho Boardwalk’s menu and dining experience.

Linh Nguyen has an extensive background in the service industry, Si Phan is a veteran and retired officer and John Nguyen is the head chef, with a track record of restaurant success. In addition, everyone on the team has their own experience with managing their own successful businesses.

Lihn adds, “what makes us One of a Kind is our love of our culture, the food and the years of experience we bring from running and owning restaurants.”

What drives Pho Boardwalk?

“It’s always the people you meet and serve,” said Nguyen.

With customers who often travel from the greater Clear Lake area and Galveston, the Pho Boardwalk team appreciates its customers and makes sure to let them know.

“The city of Kemah and the locals in the surrounding area have been so welcoming and warm,” he adds. “They are even sometimes willing to drive through the 146 traffic to see us. That’s love.”

Hungry yet? Try Pho Boardwalk for yourself.
1201 TX-146, Kemah, TX 77565